XL Cheeseboard

Everyone knows a host or hostess that pulls out all the stops, so why not blow them away with the ultimate in cheese boards with this amazing cheese plate set that comes with a ton of accessories and a hidden drawer? The broad surface can hold a ton of goodies at their next party, which you’ll definitely be invited to with how flattered they’ll be with how well you’ll nail their tastes with this extravagant wooden cheese board by Radiant Royals.


The low down:
  • It’s big.. Like 17.4” x 13.5 “ x 2” big
  • Magnetic pull out drawer for hidden surprises
  • Comes with  a 19-piece accessories kit so you can slice smoked cheddar in more ways than one
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Great for showing off. Take that, perfect couple next door
  • Tons of bonus accessories for someone who is really excited about cheese & salami
  • It’s a MEGA cheeseboard
  • Great gift for the home; great gift for wine and cheese enthusiasts


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