Remote Wireless Meat Thermometer

There’s nothing quite as nice as throwing a BBQ in your backyard for all your friends and family. But the actual BBQing? Well, that’s just getting in the way of all the beer drinking and sitting around. If your favourite BBQ pastime is sitting down, you need this wireless meat thermometer by ThermoPro.


The low down:
  • Monitors food temperatures from up to 300 ft away. Time to measure the distance from the BBQ to your sofa…Hooray for comfortable laziness!
  • Use it on the BBQ, over and smoker. Cheers for multiuse laziness!
  • The wireless meat thermometer comes with 9 preset temperatures for different meats. Yay for meaty laziness!
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • The gift to give the griller who’s really in it for the beer
  • Cut down on tedious tasks and give your family the gift of time…and laziness
  • In all seriousness, it will actually help with precision and save time so anyone who cooks will appreciate this
  • Great gift for men; great gift for BBQ lovers


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