Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Turntable

Know someone who goes on and on and on about vinyl sounding better? Do they sound like a broken record? Well, turn the tables on them with this amazing turntable gift and amaze them with its 3-speed prowess. At the very least, it’ll drown them out.

Using Bluetooth wizardry, this retro record player can play all your favourite songs from any Bluetooth enabled device as well as kick it old school with the vinyl.


The low down:
  • It’s portable. There’s a handle and everything!
  • Non-Bluetooth-y things can be plugged in via the aux-in
  • There’s 3 speed settings so you are ready to rock and roll at any tempo
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Vintage lovers will like it – actually, scratch that, they’ll love it
  • Music snobs can torture delight their guests with music from almost any medium!
  • Start your very own record collection. Op shop, anyone?
  • Great gift for men; great gift for music lovers


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