Push Up Training System

They say, ‘don’t skip leg day’. But what if we have all become so worried about skipping legs day that we’ve forgotten about upper body day?! Fear not, weak little upper bodied ones, for here is the power press push up to restore you to your former gains glory. Soon your chest, shoulders, back, and triceps will triumph once more!


The low down:
  • It’s colour coded for different work outs!
  • There’s also a workout chart to help explain the colours and exercises, otherwise that would be super confusing
  • Use the included QR code to access exclusive workouts on YouTube
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Gym bunnies will love this – now anywhere can be the gym
  • Beginners – build your body from the safety of your own non-judgemental home!
  • Remember, don’t skip leg upper body day
  • Great gift for men and women; great gift for gym buffs


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