Pied Piper T-Shirt

Want to be part of Richard’s crew? Owning a Pied Piper shirt is part of the basic algorithm (unless you are Jian Yang). In fact, you might wear it so well Gavin Belson decides to create a line of Box-3 shirts to ‘stick it to ya’.

If you are a fan of Silicon Valley or know someone, they will love this t-shirt.


The low down:
  • T-shirt made from 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester
  • Not unlike your typical dev conference t-shirt. MozCon 2015 4eva!!
  • Receive subtle head-nod from fellow software developers when wearing shirt in public
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Know a Silicon Valley fan? They will love it
  • Are you a Silicon Valley fan? You will love it
  • Add to your Silicon Valley collectibles, along your with your Aviato mug and Model 3
  • Great gift for tech nerds; great gift for Silicon Valley fans


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