Personal Safety Monitoring Device

Whether you’re an anxious Annie, a paranoid Pete or genuinely have a high-risk life, this personal safety device may be the panic button purchase you need. Just three presses of the button will alert either the ambulance or police service (you choose pre-emergency) and let them know that you need assistance.


The low down:
  • Get connected to a 24/7 professional security despatch
  • Use the app to provide medical information or any other important information
  • Can also send alerts to friends and family with your location
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Anyone with concerns for their health or safety can rest easier with this emergency alert button
  • It easily attaches to clothes, jewellery etc so it’s versatile and subtle
  • Provides reassurance to family and friends about loved ones
  • Great gift for women; great gift for personal safety


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