Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

Are you a city dweller, have a garden the side of a postage stamp or just hate outside in general? Well, with this mushroom growing kit, you can get all the glory of telling people you grow your own food without even getting mud on your boots or taking a single whiff of fresh air. Just remember to mist this baby twice a day and you will be all set!


The low down:
  • It could not be easier. In fact, mushrooms could probably grow these mushrooms.
  • 100% money-back guaranteed. OK, if you so happen to fail you could get a replacement for free or get a refund.
  • Need to impress a date shortly? Not an issue, these bad boys will be ready to rock in 11 days or less.
  • This kit grows 2 crops of mushrooms or around 3 -4 servings. Twice the savings, twice the fun.
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Kids and adults alike will love this
  • This indoor gardening kit is great for gardeners who can’t get out and about
  • Cooking with your own-grown mushrooms will make even the worst cook feel fancy
  • Great gift for women; great gift for budding chefs


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