Muse Meditation Headband & Meditation App

Just when you think they’ve invented everything, in comes the Muse meditation headband and meditation app. This isn’t just a nifty meditation wearable that will help anyone stay calm and focused -nope, it’s a brain activity sensing device.

The device uses neural signal processing to determine your mental activity while its meditation app gently guides your mind back to a calm state. Get distracted thoughts during meditation? The muse meditation headband will crash bad thoughts away – literally crash. With the sound of heavy waves.


The low down:
  • First, you choose your vibe: beach or rainforest. Sounds like a standard meditation so far, right?
  • Then, using research-grade EEG, the headband monitors your brain activity,  and, if you aren’t chilled out, it intensifies the soundtrack. Trippy.
  • After you’re done, check out your brainwave data the meditation app has recorded. You even get tips on improving focus and calmness.
See How the Muse Meditation Headband Works:
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • It’s the perfect blend of hippy and nerdy
  • Find your zen and stay focus, amplify those beta waves for crying out loud
  • You can track just how well you are meditating (in a non-judgemental way of course…) making it perfect for quantified health fanatics
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