iTouchless Automatic Garbage Can

Let’s be honest, no one wants to touch the trash can. No matter how pretty it is, it stinks and it can get pretty gross, but with this hands-free stainless steel trash can, your home will be both high-tech and hands-free with no more disgusting messes to wash off after dumping things in.

The lid opens on its own thanks to a sensor, and it controls odors so you can deal with other smells instead. Perfect for your kitchen too thanks to its size.


The low down:
  • Sensor for hands-free open and shut
  • Holds up to 13 gallons of garbage. Wow, that’s a whole lotta trash…
  • Locks odors in unlike gas station washrooms
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • You can gloat now that your garbage can is somewhat high-tech
  • Even though it’s literally filled with cr*p, it looks kinda sleek thanks to its stainless steel construction
  • No touching!
  • Great gift for the home; great gift for germaphobes


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