Gifts for the Home Everyone Will Love

Are you hunting for housewares and gifts for the home?

Maybe you’ve watched too many re-runs of HGTV. Or you are trying to avoid that impending ‘Ikea argument’ with your SO (Don’t believe us? It happens all the time!). Perhaps your friends are adulting so hard it’s your 3rd wedding and 5th house warming party this summer. If you are looking for that perfect housewarming gift, the best kitchen gadget (yes, we have everything from portable smoke infusers to touchless trash cans), or wedding presents, look no further! We curate gift ideas for the home so awesome that Good Housekeeping got nothin’ on ya.


Fat Cat Art

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Could this be the BEST gift for cat lovers? We sure think so. Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude is exactly what you'd envision when you superimpose a...

Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

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Are you a city dweller, have a garden the side of a postage stamp or just hate outside in general? Well, with this mushroom growing kit, you can get all the glory of telling...

Marshall Compact Refrigerator

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Is it an amp? Is it a fridge? They’ll never know with this Marshall amp fridge! Unless you tell the, which you probably will because it’s so damn funky. Amplify your fridge game and...

5-Day Survival Backpack

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Like going camping? Worrying about the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Or just have an overwhelming urge to escape everyone you know and love for up-to-and-including five days? Then you need the survival backpack. There’s a portable...

XL Cheeseboard

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Everyone knows a host or hostess that pulls out all the stops, so why not blow them away with the ultimate in cheese boards with this amazing cheese plate set that comes with a...

Anova Sous Vide

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Do it like all the popular chefs on TV and really inject all the flavor into your dishes by using the sous vide cooking method with this Bluetooth Anova Sous Vide cooker. This amazing...

Sailing Glass Whiskey Decanter

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Set sail on your own nautical adventure in your man-cave or bring your den or patio to life with this gorgeous, high-quality liquor decanter. It comes in a sailing motif with glass ship within...

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

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Be a lazy-ass just like Snorlax with your favorite Pokemon character in this oversized Snorlax beanbag chair. Complete with a big belly and hug-able arms at his sides. This chair goes great in a...