Electronic Wine Bottle Opener

Need to crack open that bottle of Moscato? Want to do it in a few seconds with as little strain as possible?

Step into the digital age of vino with an electric corkscrew that can open a bottle of wine in 7 seconds flat with this fantastic automatic wine bottle opener. It can open up to 80 bottles of wine without being charged, and no more insane battles to get into your fave bottle of suds! It even comes with a foil cutter so you can skip dealing with that too.


The low down:
  • Opens approximately 80 bottles per charge
  • Includes foil cutter because no one really wants to figure that out
  • ¬†Comes loaded with 4 AA NiMh batteries
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Never ever get bits of cork in your wine again
  • Never open a wine bottle the analog way again
  • Easy to use (even when you are 2 bottles in)
  • Great gift for women; great gift for the home


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