Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ Fish Finder

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Give a man a GPS fish finder and you’ll probably be out of fridge space. The Deeper Smart Sonar will make them the oracle of the ocean (or river if fresh water fishing is more their thing). It has an inbuilt GPS sonar, constantly mapping and scanning the terrain, vegetation and fish; then beams all the info back to their phone. Get this – the Deeper Smart Sonar even works when they’re chilling out ice fishing, rocking a boat or even just sitting on the shore. Bonus: Gift them this fish finder and they might just thank you with the catch of the day. Profit!


The low down:
  • This is the most powerful castable sonar available, in other words, it’s off the hook… (score 10 points for dad joke)
  • Scans down 260 ft. That’s deep, man.
  • Check the weather forecast and share live maps. They’ll be hooked!
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • It makes fishing as easy as, well, shooting fish in a barrel
  • Love getting out of the house to go fishing? This is a great for yourself
  • Love it when your SO gets out of the house to go fishing? This is a great gift for yourself
  • Great gift for men; great gift for wannabe fishermen


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