Extra Large Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer

Ever eat a hot dog and think to yourself, ‘one just isn’t enough’? Us too. How about two hot dogs? Three hot dogs? Nope, it still isn’t enough. So, how many hot dogs is enough?

24. The answer is 24. Thankfully, that’s exactly how many hot dogs you can make with the Coca-Cola Hot Dog Steamer.


The low down:
  • You can also warm up to 12 hot dog buns. Double-dog hot dogs coming up!
  • Easy-view water level window so you can keep an eye on your hot dog’s needs
  • It’s a steamer so you could also steam other more boring stuff, like broccoli, if you feel so inclined
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • It’s a vintage-inspired home hot dog steamer. How neat is that?
  • No? Okay, well, it’s great for going camping, tailgating or to festivals.
  • It’s probably still safer than gas station hot dogs…(that’s kind up to you, though. Wash your hands)
  • Great gift for the home; great gift for hot dog parties


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