Ultimate Beer Lover’s Gift Guide: 21 Unique Beer Gifts

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We all have a brew-loving friend who raves on and on about the best breweries in town, different varieties of craft beer and nerds out over APVs and IBUs. He knows his IPAs from lagers and gets a bit huffy if you mock his beloved PBR. Sound familiar? If you ever need to get that person a gift, we have just the thing that may help you. We put together our Ultimate Beer Lover’s gift guide to satisfy your most beer crazed friend or fam.

Fun fact: a beer lover is also known as a Zythophile.

Brewing Kit

Northern Brewer Starter Kit

Have a beer-loving friend who finds fault in every brew no matter how good it is? If the sound of “This is good BUT…” causes involuntary eye-rolls, you can silence them for good by gifting them their own beer making kit. This homebrew kit by Northern Brewers is great for beginners, so your buddy can’t exactly screw it up.

Gift Details:

  • Includes everything to get started
  • Yields 5 gallons
  • Choose from Chinook IPA or Block Party Amber


#2 - Beer Bottle Insulator


Vacuum Insulated Beer Chiller

Calling all bougie beer bottle lovers! Ditch the tired old King of the Hill style beer koozie and gift your favorite beer lover a sleek, eco-friendly bottle insulator. It guarantees to keep a cold one frosty for hours so they can sip at it while they’re working in the garage or in their yard.

Gift Details:

  • Double-walled vacuum insulation
  • Comes in black, silver, copper or camo
  • Fit standard bottles and cans


#3 - Beer Map

USA Beer Cap Map

USA Beer Map

How does a beer snob gloat about how well-travelled they are? Why, using a beer map of course! With 69 beer cap holes, they can prove they drank their way across the country. The snug holes will fit any standard beer cap. So if it’s craft beer or good ol’ Bud he wants to parade around, he can!

Gift Details:

  • Approximate size: 24 x 14 inches
  • 69 pre-drilled holes
  • Wall mount nails included


#4 - Novelty Beer Fridge


Marshall Amp Fridge

Can we just say this gift is perfect for the rock & roll types? At first glance, it looks like your typical guitar amp then next thing you know, it a beer fridge!!! This amp fridge is the coolest gift on our beer lovers gift guide, literally and figuratively speaking. Perfect for the man-cave or jam space.

Gift Details:

  • Includes authentic Marshall amp parts
  • Choose from 3.2 or 4.4 cu. ft. capacity
  • CFC-free


#5 - Custom Growler


Personalized Growler

Is your friend tired of bringing home someone else’s beer from the local brewery? Do they enjoy being the tall poppy amongst the sea of weeds? If so, a personalized growler would be the perfect for them! Cue the jealous looks they’ll get from those wishing they had a growler with their name emblazoned on it.

Gift Details:

  • 5+ designs to choose from
  • Growlers are glass or stainless steel
  • Quality construction


#6 - Pub Sign


Retro Neon Pub Sign

What to get for a beer lover who has everything? Gift them a handmade classic neon pub sign for their home bar! Bright, beautiful, and with options to fit any home bar decor. Are they dive bar chic or tiki bar trendy? Choose one of four perfect neon signs for them.

Gift Details:

  • Size: 16.5 x 12.6 inches
  • 100% handcrafted
  • 60 volts


#7 - Beer Soap


All Natural Craft Beer Soap

A six-pack of beer…soap? An unexpected but extremely welcome addition to a beer lovers gift guide! These soaps are high-quality, handmade, and luxuriously made with real beer-brewing ingredients like hops, citrus, and vanilla so they smell fresh, clean, and hoppy, unlike the local dive bar.

Gift Details:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Each bar is 4oz
  • Made in the USA


#8 - Beer Pong Table


Michaelangelo Sistine Chapel Beer Pong

What’s a beer lover’s gift guide without a beer pong piece? Bring some culture and class to the next beer pong game with a hilarious recreation of Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel on a beer pong table! Make this gift the hit of the next party as a conversation piece and a perfect beer bong table.

Gift Details:

  • Folds into 2’x2’case for easy storage
  • Table is 8′ long when assembled
  • Table legs are made from aluminum


#9 - Roaster Rack


Steven Raichlen Beer-Can Roaster

A beer lovers gift guide would be incomplete without grilling tools. With barbeque season approaching, consider gifting this highly-rated beer can chicken roasting pan. The rack holds the beer so you can affix the chicken and barbeque away. Roasting a whole chicken with beer adds incredible flavor and, with this product, it’s so easy. Chef tested, beer-drinker approved.

Gift Details:

  • Includes rack, canister & drip pan
  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe




uKeg 64 Growler by Growler Werks

Straight from Portland, Oregon, where the craft beer is delicious and aplenty, comes this beautifully designed growler. The uKeg keeps beer fresh, carbonated and cold. No more worrying about perfectly good beer becoming flat or stale. Toss this uKeg on your bike, paddle out to your buddies, and enjoy a refreshing brew.

Not convinced? See how it works for yourself.

Gift Details:

  • Keeps beer fresh for up to 2 weeks
  • Vacuum insulated
  • Adjustable VPR cap & gauge for desired carbonation


#11 - Beer Cooling Sticks


Let-it-Beer Chiller

What to get for a beer lover who always forgets to chill the drinks before the party? These beer cooling sticks require less than an hour in the freezer before you can pop them into a beer bottle to chill them while they’re being enjoyed. Sleek, and with a bonus bottle opener, you can’t go wrong with this thoughtful gift.

Gift Details:

  • Ready to use in 45 minutes
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Comes with free bottle opener


#12 - Vintage Beer Ad


"Beer Served Cold" LED Sign

If neon isn’t their style, your favorite beer lover might enjoy a more vintage vibe with a wall-mounted vintage beer sign. Switch operated with marquee lighting on the side looking like it came straight out of the 1940s, this large sign will add user-friendly and highly fabulous flair to their home bar.

Gift Details:

  • Size: 25 x 10 x 4 inches
  • Marquee LED lights
  • Double-sided


#13 - Beer-Themed Game


Unlabeled: The Blind Beer Tasting Game

No one likes a snob, but everyone loves games. Make a game out of your friend’s snobbery with Unlabeled: The Blind Beer Tasting game! Test your friends’ tasting skills or hone your own at home or at the bar. All you need is a few friends and a few “mystery” beers to play this classy drinking game.

Gift Details:

  • Blind beer tasting game
  • Beer not included
  • For ages 21 and up


#14 - Food Basket


Dan the Sausageman’s Gift Basket

You could go out and collect all the items to make a wonderful gift basket. Or you could let the experts make one for you! Easily order Dan the Sausageman’s rugged beer lovers gift basket packed with high-quality summer sausages, mustards, and Seattle truffles. This basket packed with Pacific Northwestern treats makes an excellent snacking companion for any IPA.

Gift Details:

  • Includes sausages, cheeses & other accoutrements
  • All items are shelf stable
  • Comes in wooden crate


#15 - Custom Mug


Personalized Beer Stein

What makes beer taste better? Why, drinking it out of a personalized beer stein, of course! If you are looking for a gift as unique as your beer-loving friend, why not pick out a custom-made stein for them? Simply choose a design of their liking and a name etched or printed on the side.

Gift Details:

  • Choose from 30+ variations
  • Customize pints, tankards or steins
  • Most beer mugs are dishwasher safe, however some are hand wash only. Check product description for details.


#16 - Beer-Flavored Energy Bars


Regrained Coffee Stout Bars

What isn’t in this energy bar? Is your beer lover a health nut with a roaring caffeine addiction? Give them everything they crave in one, super-healthy energy bar. Lightly caffeinated with a beer stout flavor and packed with fiber and protein, these energy bars will keep them going until happy hour.

Gift Details:

  • See product description for complete list of ingredients
  • Choose from 6 or 12 bars
  • 100% biodegradable packaging


#17 - Beer-Themed Plush Toy


"Grrrona" Interactive Pet Toy

The Taco Bell Chihuahua is all grown up and el quiere cerveza! But of course, your buddy is a responsible pet owner and will give Fido a Grrrona toy, instead. Let their pet in on happy hour with a plush Grrrona toy that crackles and crinkles to keep their furry friend entertained while they crack open a cold one.

Gift Details:

  • Toys squeak & rattle for interactive fun
  • Comes with cooler, beer can, lime wedge & beach ball
  • Plush & durable


#18 - Beer Poster


The Origins of Beer Poster

If your beer-loving buddy is interested in the different types of beer and cares about their home aesthetic, a tasteful beer-types poster is a perfect gift for them. Informative, modern, and beautifully designed to fit any home decor. Choose one of three colors to best fit their bar.

Gift Details:

  • Size: 24 x 36 inches
  • Depicts beer varieties & recommended drinkware
  • Frame not included


#19 - Beer Accoutrement


Pot Licker Kitchen Beer Jelly

Slide over, Smuckers! Help your beer lover take their charcuterie board to the next level with these handmade beer jellies! Better paired with cured meats and cheeses than morning eggs, these jellies boast of beer and fruit flavors to compliment savory snacks. Give your bud a delicious gift as unique as they are.

Gift Details:

  • Comes in set of 3
  • Flavor includes IPA, Oatmeal Stout & Porter
  • Ingredients: beer, cane sugar, citrus pectin


#20 - Retro Wall Decor


Vintage Beer Tin Signs

The last of the decor suggestions in this beer lovers gift guide, these metal signs are the perfect retro addition to a home bar or a cozy garage workshop or man cave. This set of six complements one another and can be arranged any which way to show off your beer drinker’s style.

Gift Details:

  • Approximately 8 x 12inches
  • Made from iron
  • Comes in 6 pieces


#21 - Traditional Beer Stein


Engraved Bavarian Stein

We would never leave das Vaterland of beer off a beer lovers gift guide. Give the gift of Oktoberfest all year ‘round with a beautifully crafted traditional German beer stein. Colorful, artfully, engraved with an authentic Bayern coat of arms, and just waiting for a lager. Day drinking never looked so cultural. Lederhosen not included. Prost!

Gift Details:

  • Coat of arms design
  • Comes with metal lid
  • Fluid capacity: 600ml


We hope our beer lover’s gift guide helped you with finding your friend the best and most unique beer lover gifts.

Good luck and happy gift hunting,

♥ Team Bye Bye Bad Gifts

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