Adjustable Laptop Bed/Couch Table

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Working from home is the best: you can wear your pyjamas all day, eat whenever you want, and -most importantly- you can remain fully horizontal in bed for the entire day. The only annoying part is trying to balance your laptop as you laze. Well, no more! The bed desk has arrived.


The low down:
  • Also, fully functional as a laptop desk for couches. Really, it’s a portable laptop stand for anywhere. Beds, couches, tables, toilets…
  • Rotates 360 degrees so you can enjoy your tablet, laptop, or TV at any crazy angle
  • Has two inbuilt cooling fans so you can Netflix while your laptop chills
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • It’s a must have gadget for laptop loving gamers
  • Browsing the internet whilst bed-dwelling is winning
  • Work from home? Well, now you work from bed
  • Great gift for the home, great gift for workaholics

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