5-Day Survival Backpack

Like going camping? Worrying about the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Or just have an overwhelming urge to escape everyone you know and love for up-to-and-including five days? Then you need the survival backpack.

There’s a portable stove with 24 fuel tablets, 5 water pouches, a cup, a survival whistle, Mylar blanket, a poncho and even playing cards! …can zombies play cards?


The low down:
  • Escape in style: the 32 survival food kit entrees are all gourmet
  • Contains a 42-piece first aid kit. Zombie bite cure not included.
  • Backpack is camouflage so easily hidden from others (and maybe even yourself)
Why we think this is a great gift:
  • Good for camping in case of Blair Witch scenarios
  • Not sold to zombies or robots, so you’ll have an advantage
  • Seriously though, this is useful in case of an emergency, such as a hurricane or floods
  • Great gift for the home; great gift for men (especially the Mr. Safety types)


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